Learning Function

If You Want to Unleash Innovation,
Your Company’s Learning Function
Is Strategic.

Together we can:

  • Set up a fit for purpose learning environment.
  • Help you connect and develop your people.
  • Break down the barriers between different departments.
  • Ensure that leadership competencies will be distributed more widely in the entire organisation.
  • Engage and commit your people in order to effectively implement change.


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Like It or Not, learning is Changing

Because three learning components are evolving dramatically

We bring you the content you need, beyond traditional standards:

  • Complex Problem Solving,
  • Breaking Silos,
  • Getting to Change,
  • Leaderful Organisation…
Mature Web technologies are completely transforming the concept of a training manual. This opens a third way between complex learning platforms and expensive eLearning solutions. This is something we will simply call a Learning Book.
Our innovative learning solutions overcome the constraints of time, places, resources and planning. From micro-learning to traditional seminars you will always find a solution adapted to your needs.


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New Key Learning Topics

Our organisations are facing complex problems.
They deserve a powerful “reflective analysis” (Mintzberg).

Change is now seen as a permanent posture affecting the institutions, organisations and all individuals within them. Change requires the contribution of all.

An effective governance is the product of collaboration. “Collaboration” means that the traditional top-down model command-and-control must give room to a horizontal collaborate-and-connect  approach. “Cross” stands for in, around and outside any unit.

Leaders cannot lead and change an organisation alone. A leaderful organisation is far more than bosses managing subordinates. Organisations where this happens, invariably produce the « I’m only working here » symptom. Leaderful means people working together as colleagues and partners, which is more adapted to current circumstances than the old internal customer-supplier model.

These new key learning themes are based on the same observation: You can’t do without people.


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What Tech Makes Possible?

Modular Learning

Self-defined learning path
Learning on demand
Quick Access
Any Screen, Any Device
Blended Learning
and Knowledge Sharing
Easy Update


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A Mixed Approach.

Our work combines three skills:

  • Digital Publishing,
  • Community Management,
  • Training Design.

This mixed approach allows us to offer you a complete range of solutions from micro-learning to multi-session training

We are enabling and supporting learning from the workplace to the classroom with tailor-made solutions.


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